Sunday, 30 April 2017

Thinking obscures wisdom.

I recently discovered that thinking obscures the inner message. I would have thought I knew that already. Not like I do now. It happened that I was writing to a friend and I was grumbling about someone. I wanted this person to be different (I can be a slow learner sometimes).  I was writing about the two sides of the situation. One, how great this person is but, if only, well, you get the idea. On one hand I'm seeing my grumbling isn't effective or helpful and I'm trying to see clearly but my thoughts about the situation keep me jabbering.

It so happens that I have a very astute friend. He highlighted all my "thinking" in red and all my "awareness" in green. He sent that copy back to me. He then deleted my thinking words and sent it back to me. So, I'm looking at the words I had written with all the highlighted colours and I realize it's like two people talking in the same letter. The copy with my red thinking thoughts gone was astounding. I sounded so clear and any dilemma I had was completely wiped out. All my wisdom had been there in the letter but it was obscured by my own thinking. When those thinking words (stinkin' words) were gone wisdom was left. It was pretty cool to see.

I now keep a red and green pen near my computer to remind me. It's just an old habit to keep thinking. But it's a cover up for the truth!