Friday, 20 November 2015


Krishnamurti always talked about needing order in your life. First. You have to have order in your life. I've mused on that for years. Krishnamurti never gave answers, instead he said to look deep, understand for yourself. The last few months I've been putting my house in order. The last few weeks I've been putting my correspondence in order. Correspondence to me isn't just writing letters or emails but checking in with people I haven't seen for a while. And answering emails and following through with something like soup or a coffee.

It's also time to schedule my life from January to April or June if I can. Classes and workshops. I have to gauge my energy for six months. And when I want to have a weekend off or a little visit to see my girls. 

Today is officially my day off. Days off aren't really days off. Does anyone have days off? My days off though are creative days. I cook and eat what and when I want. I plan. I make a lot of lists. And most fun of all I scratch off things I completed. I make tea. I sit in my home clothes. I look out the window. I sit quiet with no rush. I will, I will get to this pile on my coffee table.

Monday, 16 November 2015

The soup days of fall

This may come as a surprise to you - I bought another cookbook. 

3 Times a Day (originally called Trois Fois Par Jour) by Marilou and Alexandre Champagne, a québécois couple. 

The autumn is all about eating soup. And I love really good soup recipes. 
This one is excellent!
Chicken, corn and chorizo chowder. Yummy. I took a photo of the recipe so that I won't rewrite the original because it's perfect. If it's too small for whatever you're using to read it with let me know. 
Bon Appetit. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Step up

We all have a responsibility to step up and hit the ball. If we sit back and wait for the world to change for us it is never going to happen.     
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Here I am!

I have missed writing my blog. While in Australia, once I stopped I couldn't get going again. There just seemed too much to do, too many plans, too much to organize, etc, even though there was in actuality more time. It seems my head can only hold so much at a time. And I think I like it that way.

I am back at home, teaching yoga and meditation again, happily. My mom is in her own apartment about a five minute walk away. It has been a really long journey. Her health is pretty good. She is now 83 years old. She walks twice a day at a good clip. She drinks her veggies in a smoothie. And bakes and knits. And is happy. Now this is truly a magical thing!

I've been learning that I only have to do my best. I've heard people say that but just hearing something doesn't make it understandable. I'm getting an understating now. Finally. I could have dropped so much angst earlier if only I could have really known that my best was perfection. I just always thought that my best wasn't good enough because I could see that I could have been or done something more. But that was always in hindsight. Given our circumstances in the moment we do our best. Nothing more. Nothing less. It's always enough because that's the way it is. Okay. Now I also know when I'm not doing my best. I didn't get this part before. I'm not doing my best when I am binge watching the third episode of some show on Netflix and I have the thought "I need to get up now" or "Is this really what I want?" It's when, in the moment, I know it's enough and I keep doing it. Oh, beats me, now that I talk about doing my best I'm getting confused. I think my best right now is to stop talking about it. I don't have to say it any better than this because that's all I've got.  In the moment.
Here I am.