Monday, 11 August 2014

Superhero - Day 67 - Yes, you!

Eureka! I know who is a superhero! You! Me! Everyone!
Most of us don't feel like it. Most of us don't know it yet 

I read a story of a woman, author and activist, Yvonne Pointer, who has been going to prisons to speak for well over 20 years. She went with a deep vision of knowing the inner essence of the inmates. She starts by saying, "I came to tell each of you this: you are a hero." She says that the room goes silent. She continues, "there's a hero that lies within you; you've just got to take off all of that extra stuff. You're not rapists. You're not murderers. That's your disguise, the "stuff" you've put on. You've got to shed all those things that are not who you were born to be, and get to the person you truly are." She reminds them that Clark Kent had to take off his suit before he could be Superman. (From Marci Shimoff's book, Love for no Reason). 
Yvonne is love and is a superhero. Her daughter had been brutally raped and murdered at age 14.

So, I won't be calling these posts superhero posts any longer. It's like saying human, or woman or man. We are all superheroes. Everyday is a superhero day. Let's all take off this armour, these damn disguises and just be these amazing beautiful beings.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Superhero - Day 66 - on vacation

I've been sitting in the garden and reading. Oh joy!

Last week at a yoga class we were chatting about our summer chores and holidays and time spent doing what we love. I said that I felt lazy when I sat around and read all day. Many agreed. One woman though laughed and said aren't we funny that we feel reading is wasting time but cleaning and sweeping floors is productive. The dirt is only moved. That's all. It will even be back tomorrow! So wise. So true. 

I have a sign on my fridge that days: I clean house every other day. This is not the other day. 

I am reading a funny, funny book which also makes me think about getting older and how we as a society treat elderly: The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules. By Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. 

Continue on - doing what you love. 

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Superhero - Day 61 - earthing

You may not have heard of earthing or grounding yet  it's so simple. In Ayurveda it's been known for a long time time that walking barefoot in the morning dew can help eyesight and eye ailments. But now it seems we are discovering this and much more in our modern world too. Data. Yahoo! 

I have been walking almost every morning in the garden in my bare feet. I'm checking earthing out for myself. What can it do for me? And then I was sent an email about grounding with a documentary attached. I haven't found a way to send the link. You can see this documentary for free until the 8th of August at  Look for the article that is called: Grounding is a key mechanism by which your body maintains health. It's a full length documentary so go ahead sit on the grass and watch it.

If no time, then walk in the grass whenever you can. Concrete is grounding too. Wear all leather shoes. Lean on a tree. Touch plants.